Any Given Monday... is one of a kind, as it is a collection of vignettes detailing deeply personal experiences from the life of Dr. Mokysha Benford.  It exposes some of the dysfunctions in our school system and challenges the status quo.  It begs the question, "How can we do school differently?"  While this book does not provide all the answers, it raises some serious questions and offers starting points as a catalyst for change.  


This work provides a lens to look through to glimpse the varied complexities of life as a leader and an educator. These vignettes provide an opportunity for reflection, extending an opportunity to learn lessons as you travel through the highs and lows of your journey.


Any Given Monday... causes you to stop and ponder the lessons you've learned, the relationships you've fostered, the legacy you are leaving behind, and the perspectives from which you live your life.  Dr. Mokysha Benford has masterfully modeled life-long living, utilizing teachable moments, and has captured the essence of these experiences on the pages that fill this book.  She is unparalleled in her authenticity and transparency which allows her to take you on this journey to experience her pain, her healing, and her victory.