Instructional Alignment

Learn how to engage in backward design engaging in assessment analysis ensuring alignment between assessments, standards, objectives, essential questions, and delivery of instruction.

Real! Classroom Management

This session explores the components of classroom management, routines and procedures in the classroom, and the necessity of relationships.  This session also makes a distinct connection between instruction and classroom management.

Inquiry-Based Learning/Critical Thinking

This session reveals the benefit of inquiry-based learning and equips educators with tools to engage in inquiry-based learning and stimulate critical thinking.

Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension

This session provides educators with skills and strategies to teach literary and non-fiction text. 

Rigor and Relevance

Learn the importance of and how to make instruction rigorous and relevant for learners.

Motivating Unmotivated Students

Learn how to motivate unmotivated students.

Any Given Monday...

Despite the best-laid plans, in the world of education, anything can happen on Any Given Monday...  This presentation speaks life and helps educators to tie a knot and hold on the midst of adversity and uncertainty. 

What's Your Why?

When life hits it can be hard to remember why we do what we do.  This presentation helps people to remember their calling, why they do what they do, and who they do it for.

What is Your Need?

We customize according to your need.  Tell us what you need!


Speaking services include but are not limited to Graduation, Baccalaureate, Religious Organizations, Parent Organizations, Keynote, School Convocation, Women's Conferences, Student Body, Colleges.


Training/Coaching Services include but are not limited to Leadership Teams, Professional Development (schools and districts), One-on-One Coaching, Interview Coaching, Campus Coaching, Instructional Rounds.

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