Monday Dread...

At any given time, on any social media platform, you will find people posting their dread of Monday mornings. And once Monday hits, many are already looking forward to the weekend. In essence we have skipped over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and a portion of Friday. We are simply waiting for the clock to strike whatever time we get off work on Fridays to enjoy life. Friday after work, happy hour locations are typically full to capacity, and many times with my educator colleagues. We enjoy that Friday evening, Saturday, and maybe Sunday morning, early afternoon. When Sunday evening rolls around, we are already dreading Monday morning. Let's stop a moment and put this in perspective. The week is made up of seven days and for 5 of those days (1/2 of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 1/2 of Friday) we are in a state of dread and waiting...waiting for it to be over. For those of you who love numbers, let's look at this a different way. For a little over 71% of the week we are in a state of dread. What kind of life is this? No, seriously! I have used the pronoun 'we' because up until recently, I have been in that number. But I came to realize that living that way is actually not living at all. It is a dreadful life! I encourage you to really take a step back and consider why you feel the way you feel when the work week approaches. I was forced to do this, and had to engage in deep reflective thought and engage in some tough conversations with myself. I had to think about my purpose, my passions, my REAL why(s), and then take action. This week, pay particular attention to how you're feeling, what is going on when you feel this way, and then delve deeply to figure out why. I won't tell you that this will be easy, but I will tell you that it will be worth it!

This is a Real Moment with DrB!, telling you to B! and to B!Real :)

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