How Did I Get Here?

For the last few days I have been traveling with my sons through the great state of California. We have been to LA, San Diego, and now we are in San Francisco. We flew to LA, but have driven to San Diego and San Francisco. I can recall my grandmother always saying, "You can't see the country from an airplane." For our drive to San Francisco, the boys and I decided that we would take the more scenic route and travel the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Let me just say, the views are amazing! We took this route knowing that it would be a little longer than taking the standard 101. Well, in taking the PCH, little did we know we were in for quite an adventure. The scenery was like something from a movie, and all I could do was admire God's handiwork. We soon found ourselves up in the mountains driving above the coast on a very narrow winding road. We looked down to check the GPS and there was no service. I contemplated turning around, but felt in my gut we were traveling in the right direction and was certain that service would soon be restored. We kept going and the scenery became more and more jaw dropping. Suddenly, the cars in front of us came to a halt as there was a sign in the middle of the road that said, "Road Closed, Slides." My sons and I sat and looked at each other as we had no service and had no idea how to get to the 101. We found ourselves in front of a rather lively lodge and from a rather resourceful gentleman, got directions to the 101. He was even able to tell us when our service would be restored. So, we turned around and traveled back over ground we had just covered...but from a slightly different perspective. This time, we were on the same side as the coast and there was no guardrail as we traveled back through the very narrow winding roads. We soon realized that the beautiful landscape that we had just admired looked brand new, as we were traveling from a different direction and took in the sights from a different vantage point. In fact, this time, we had to take out the Nikon.

As we traveled to the 101, I told my sons, "I have so many thoughts flooding my head right now." My oldest son curiously asked, "Like what?" And my thoughts began to flow like water pouring from a faucet. This experience spoke to me about my life...about how I got here! I began to think about choices in paths to travel, routes taken, the challenge and/or ease of these routes, choices made, the detours, and what can sometimes appear to be setbacks as you find yourself having to travel over ground already covered. But God is so gracious in that He will give you a brand new perspective. That is what God did for me Sunday, June 18, 2017. We could have taken the 101 from the start. It would have been a shorter trip, but we most certainly would not have seen the wonder of God's creation as we did traveling the PCH. We chose to take the PCH, which was a longer trip, and a bit uncertain for us, as we did not know what the terrain would bring. And then the uncertainty of the trip most certainly came to fruition as we were met with challenging terrain, a closed road, and having to turn around and travel with no service. But God had a ram in the bush! He didn't allow us to come to a closed road without making the provision of a guide to give us direction.

My life, both personal and professional, has been much like our road trip from LA to San Francisco. I have often times taken the less standard route experiencing much uncertainty, challenges, detours, and "lost service", but my God has been so gracious that He has been faithful and has always provided a ram in the bush to give me direction. And even when I felt like I had to double-back over ground already covered, He has given me a fresh perspective and taught me several lessons. I need you to know that He will do the same for you!

While in LA, sitting in a restaurant, my boys and I began to have a conversation about people having dry lips and applying chapstick. I responded and said, "Yeah, dry lips are an outside symptom of an inside problem." My youngest son said, "You are always teaching." I said, "Yeah, I guess so. It's not what I do; it's who I am." As God teaches me and imparts understanding, I feel it is my duty to do the same. My life, my testimony!

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