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During the 2011-2012 school year, while sitting in the computer lab at work God told me I would write a book, and in the very same breath He whispered and said, “but I’m to going to give you some more material.” This both excited and frightened me because I knew that Him 'giving me more material' meant that I would be taken on the ride of my life. I’ve traveled across the country and ridden my fair share of roller coasters. I’ve enjoyed them all, but I knew this would be a different kind of ride. I would not be able to look ahead and brace myself for the peaks and valleys. This ride required faith and complete trust in Him.

As life would have it, in 2012 I found myself smack dab in the middle of a divorce, and I figured my book would be about this turn of events in my life, and I began to write. This had to be 'the more material' He was going to give me. Well, I have lived and learned that His timing is not my timing, and His ways are not my ways because the book didn’t happen until the spring of 2017—five years later. It wasn’t because I didn’t try to write. Believe me, I did, but He had yet given me all my material. I still had lessons to learn. When it was time, the book just poured out of me—literally. I was driving down Highway 290 and the contents of my book began to literally fall from my lips. I reached to get my voice recorder to try to capture it, but couldn’t find it. I spoke the words aloud as I drove in an attempt to remember what I was supposed to write. I even prayed to God and asked Him to help me to remember. The concept and the contents became crystal clear, and when I sat down to write, it flowed like a river. March 2017, God birthed Any Given Monday… An Urban Educator’s Journey.

Any Give Monday… is a memoir of experiences I’ve lived during my eighteen years in the field of education. Many of the events happened directly in classrooms or on a campus while others did not. However, all of them have had a profound impact on me and my work. My story, my heart and innermost thoughts have been captured on paper for the world to see. I can recall various points in my life when I would cry out and ask God for a simple life. I just wanted my life to be easy, but I’ve learned that He gives His toughest assignments to those He knows will handle them with grace. And what He gives us, He will most certainly prepare us for. It is my pain that has shaped me into who I am. Pressure busts pipes, but it also creates beautiful diamonds, and I am His masterpiece.

It has taken me a while, but I’ve learned that my purpose is to challenge the status quo and positively change lives through the power of communication. My voice—whether I’m singing, speaking, teaching, training or just engaging in random conversation is His instrument. I was speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in June of 2016, and a few minutes into my presentation I asked my audience what they thought they knew about me. One man shouted out with conviction, “You are real!” The only way this perfect stranger could sense that about me, was because my authenticity was personified in the room. I talk about what I have lived, what I have been blessed to endure—my peaks and my valleys. They are both God’s gifts to me. They allow me to speak from a genuine place that penetrates the hearts of perfect strangers and causes tears to flow from their eyes. God blessed with experiences that people can relate to, gave me a voice, and gifted me with confidence, transparency, and a willingness and a desire to share them with others. Now, that’s favor!

I heard a preacher once say that favor is about service. God shows us favor to be a servant and bless others. Typically you hear people talk about being favored when things are going extremely well in their lives. But I wonder do they consider themselves favored when they are caught up in the storms of life? The storms, if I chose to learn the lessons, equip me to be able to go out and be a blessing to others. I’ve often said of my life, that it seems God allows me to experience the storms of life ahead of many of those in my life. He sends me ahead and when they come behind me and find themselves caught up in a similar situation, I can speak to their ability to make it through. Look at me; I’m a living testimony!

I thank God for what He has allowed me to endure, for those experiences have woven together to form the beautiful tapestry that is my life. Any Given Monday..., though written within the vein of education, carries a universal message of hope. I am so excited about my soon to be released book, and I hope that as you read it you find what you need for your given situation. He has taken me through some peaks and some excruciating valleys, so I can be a blessing to each one of you!

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