What Our Partners Are Saying...

DrB! came in during the 4th quarter and gave us the push we needed to ensure success for our scholars.  She was flexible in her approach and while working with our scholars, provided coaching to build capacity in our teachers.  We couldn't have done it without her commitment to our success.

~ Andre Credit, Superintendent of Pro-Vision Academy

DrB! is the best speaker and presenter I have ever heard in my 19 year career!

~ Reading Teacher, Cy-Fair ISD

What an amazing time you provided for the schools of the Carter Feeder Pattern. Not only did you wow the participants with your exciting delivery, but having walked the same walk our teachers and administrators are asked to walk made things seem real.  I can see why you're DrB!Real. The charge and encouragement the educators received from you on that day, set the tone for the entire year. Thank you for taking the time to share, teach, and demonstrate what it takes to educate our children by any means necessary.

~ Earl A. Jones, Excutive Director, Carter Feeder Pattern, Dallas ISD